Pardis For, New York,New York

Nazar publication, Iran

Ofogh Publishing House,Iran

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I have been Illustrating for children’s book, magazines and books  since 2002 to present.

I have some experiences in Graphic Design,Animation, Advertising and Installation Design for windows and events.

Atieh Sohrabi

Freelance Illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York

  2016   Society of Illustrators of NYC,Illustrator59


  2015   Exhibition of “New Pictures from Iran” in              Denmark

              24th BIB Exhibition in Bratislava

  2013   The 6TH Tehran International Biennale                   Illustration, Iran

  2014   24th BIB Exhibition in Hiratsuka Art                        Museum, Kawara Museum of Takahama 

              Chiba City Museum of Art, Ashikaga                        Museum of Art, Urawa Art Museum in                    Japan

              Exhibition of “Anarestan” Children’s                        Book Illustration from Iran in                                    International Youth Library , Munich,                      Germany

  2015   The Diploma of Honor, Children’s Book                  Council of Iran (IBBY), Iran         

  2013   The Diploma of Honor, The 6th Tehran                    International Biennial Illustration, Iran

  2010   The Diploma of Honor, The 13th Salam                    Book Festival, Iran

  2009   The Diploma of Honor, The 12th Salam                    Book Festival, Iran

  2008   The Diploma of Honor, The 13th Children              and Young Adult Book Festival, Institute                  forThe Intellectual Development of                          Children and Young and Adult, Iran

  2007   The Diploma of Honor, The 11th Salam                    Book Festival, Iran

             The First Prize, The First Police Festival of              Illustration, Iran


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